LBG Telescopic Reachmore Kit

The Reachmore  Pro Series is ideal for both interior and exterior functions. 

Extension Pole:

First you have a 6.5 - 16.1ft. telescopic wand which is the ideal "Extension pole" to be used on many mops, brooms, brushes, paint rollers, squeegees and other accessories when a longer handle is required to reach ceiling fans, light bulbs, chandeliers and many other hard to reach places. 

Gutter Cleaning System

Second by attaching the Gutter Gun attachment and or the Gutter Brush on the top end and a garden hose on the bottom end you now have a 6.5 - 16.1ft curved telescopic wand with controlled water flow technology.

Washing System

Third when the 6.5 - 16.1ft curved telescopic wand with water flow technology as a straight wand it can be much like a power washer and when combined with one of our specialty brushes is ideal hard to reach windows, siding, boats, RV's, machinery and more.


Duster is no longer available

LBG Telescopic Reachmore Kit