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Frequently Asked Questions (with answers!)


Q.  What IS Horizons?     

A.  Horizons has been a consumer show exhibitor since 1987, and our sister company started in 1986.  We sell the home and garden products at the premier home, flower, and garden shows, and the recreational products at the best-known boat, car, motorcycle, and air shows, direct to the consumer, nationally and internationally. Customers are given our catalog with a purchase to order after a show.


Q.  How do I reach the company and what are the hours?     

A.  Just call us at (800) 969-4583.  Telephone hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, eastern time, Monday through Thursday. Our toll-free number is also on most of our products and on most pages of our catalog that is given with each purchase.


Q.  Do you have a showroom? Is it open to the public?     

A.  Yes. We are located in Lilburn, Georgia. The showroom is open to the public during our regular business hours.



Q.  If I have a problem ordering online, what do I do?     

A.  The easiest thing to do if you are having difficulty ordering online is to order by phone.  We use an on-line shopping cart. Generally this allows for problem free shopping. When we do have a customer who has a problem most of the time the problem is that the customer's computer does not allow cookies. To order with this shopping cart and most other major shopping carts you must have cookies enabled. You can find out how to enable cookies from your help menu on your browser.


Regardless of the problem you may encounter, please feel free to call us at (800) 969-4583, Horizons, to place your order.




Thank you! We appreciate your business.

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