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The endlessly versatile Ironwood Hori Hori cultivator replaces small saws, weeders, trowels, digging tools and more! Use it in the garden, or when camping, hunting and fishing.


• Dig or scrape weeds
• Cut open bags of dirt or fertilizer
• Plant flowers, veggies and bulbs
• Divide perennials
• Free plants from pots
• Cut through small branches and 
   stubborn roots
• Cut string, twine or fishing line
• Cut through sod 
• Pound in tent stakes
• and more!


The Blade

• High strength carbon steel
• Razor sharp side for cutting and a
   serrated edge for sawing
• Measurement markers to gauge depth
  (great for planting bulbs!)
• Pointed end to pierce hard soils, sods
   and similar
• Concave shape makes digging and
   prying easier
• FULL tang for extra strength
• Twine cutter that doubles as a bottle


Ergonomic Handle and Sheath

• Hard wood reinforced with premium
   steel alloy
• Finger guard 



7 inch blade
5 inch handle

Ironwood Hori Hori Cultivator

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