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  • Designed for the little hand this mini-pruner cuts like the big guys. If most pruners are too big for your hands, these are for you. Made strong with nylon handles and triple-tempered non-stick coated blades for easy cuts.

Mini Ratchet Pruner IW1401

    • Designed for smaller hands
    • Easily cuts up to 5/8"
    • Super tough Nylon Polymer handles

        (same stuff football helmets are made of)

    • Nonstick coating on the blade for easy cleaning and smoother cutting
    • Replaceable blades
    • Covered by our Lifetime Replacement Program
    • Place wood as deep into the jaw as possible
    • Squeeze handles until they stop
    • once they stop slightly release the lower handle until you hear a click
    • repeat this process until you cut all the way through
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